Cougar Valentine Tips That Keep on Giving

February 14th is a day when I take time to reflect on my changing ideas about love. As a young girl growing up in Toronto, I dreamed of being swept off my feet by a brave and handsome Prince Charming. That childlike dream of true love was wonderful but it resulted in a lot of unrealistic expectations. It didn’t take long for my idealistic vision to be replaced by a string of not-so-ideal frogs. I came to realize that falling in love is the easiest part of a relationship, staying in love is where it really gets dicey.10008054   

Every woman has her own particular set of relationship challenges, and cougars are no exception. Men definitely are from Mars, and it is tough enough finding common ground with someone of your own generation, let alone a young guy who is trailing two decades behind you. The age difference can create all sorts of problems if you’re not prepared. You just have to keep remembering that Real Cougars are willing to do whatever it takes in the pursuit of happiness. When the bloom is off the Valentine’s rose, that’s when you have to use your smarts to keep the relationship blossoming.
More.Com asked me to prepare a list of my cougar dating tips that keep on giving well after Valentine's Day.  The fabulous females in my Real Cougar Woman Community have used them and say they they have helped them navigate through the bumps on the rocky road to romance. 

Love with your younger man can be wonderful and exciting (but you didn’t need me to tell you that). Go out of your way to make this February 14th a very special day. Uncork the champagne, feed him his favorite dessert, put on your new sexy black teddy and show your favorite guy just how much you appreciate him.    

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