Vigara For Cougars – Don’t Think So!

When Liz Canner was offered a job making erotic videos for women, she admitted she was interested   because it sounded like a good cause to get involved in.

Orgasm inc.The films were for a drug company called Vivus, which was developing an 'orgasm cream' to boost women's sex lives. They needed some female-friendly erotica to test sexual responses in women before and after treatment with their drug, to find out if it worked.

But the job didn't turn out the way Liz expected. Instead, she ended up making a shocking but hilarious film of her own, Orgasm Inc, which sets out to expose the drug companies and doctors who are now locked in a race to produce a 'female Viagra' – a treatment that promises women a super-charged sex life in a pill.

'The whole idea of these drugs is twisted,' she reveals. 'It's not about sexual empowerment for women, it's about exploiting women and making billions in profits for drug companies. 'They're creating a false idea of what constitutes a "good" or "normal" sex life just so we can all feel abnormal and then go and buy their products.'

Orgasm Incfollows Liz on a nine year journey as she meets CEOs of drug companies, researchers, doctors, scientists and therapists – all claiming to hold the key to the ultimate female sexual experience.

Ever since Viagra for men launched in 1998 and became one of the biggest-selling drugs in history.  It brought sexual dysfunction into the open – and not just for men. Women wanted to try it too.  For the first time, female sexual dysfunction was being taken seriously.

Taking a pill isn't always the answer.  It's wise to dig deeper – finding the root of the problem.


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