Cougar Couple Wanted For Discovery Channel

Discovery health channel A producer doing a show on cougars for the Discovery Health Channel is asking for my help in finding a couple for their upcoming documentary.
This show will be a positve look at the dynamics of a Real Cougar Woman relationship.  It will be a look inside to discover why you were attracted to each other and what keeps you together.  I will be working on this show with the production company and I believe this programming will serve to help all women in cougar relationships.  After all the sensationalism surrounding cougars this would be a true and honest look at what really goes on.  
Here are a few of the details:
  • They want an articulate, upbeat woman in her 50's or 60's in a relationship or married to a guy 15 to 20 years younger.
  • They will be shooting this program in March and will travel to your location.
  • You will be compensated for your participation.
If you want to be considered, please email me at  The email should contain a brief profile of you and your guy, all your contact information and a recent photo of the two of you.  The deadline is January 31st.  Upon receiving your information I will forward it to the producer of the show who will make the final decision and contact you personally.
This could be your chance to make a difference.

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