Real Cougar Stress Busters

Doesn't it seem that everyone you talk to these days is complaining about an ache, a pain, or a flu that just won't go away. In my opinion, that's because we are compromising our immune system.. After all how much stress can we load on our body before it retaliates?Contest work out pic 

When we are stressed our adrenal glands are working overtime.  We pump extra adrenaline, cortisol and other hormones that make our muscles tense up, our digestive tract slow down, our blood vessels constrict and our hearts beat faster.  Is it any wonder we end up with migraine headaches, TMJ, knots in our necks and shoulders and lower back pain?  Think about it. How many of these symptoms are you experiencing?

Here's something else stress does – it kills off our brain cells.  How many of us can afford that? 

Here are a few suggestions on how to reduce your stress levels. 

  • Exercise – it releases endorphins and uses up excess adrenaline & cortisol
  • Sleep –  that's when our immune system replenishes itself
  • Eat healthier when we are stressed we go right for the comfort food – don't do it
  • Healthy Thinking – focus on that what's possible not the what is

I am using all of these stress busters and they do work if used consistently. Another thing that helps is a really good massage at least twice a month. Massage helps get rid of the toxic buildup in your body.  Today massage isn't a luxury it's a necessity.  Go ahead you deserve it.      


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