Real Cougars Soar On The Wings Of Our Buying Power

A strong woman The world's population is becoming predominantly more female. This year, Real Cougars between the ages of  40 and 64 will be the largest demographic in the US and we're just starting to build momentum.  We truly are the new wonder women so let's show them how we are capable of changing this world.

We influence 80 percent of the $2.1 trillion in consumer goods purchased each year.  We are the largest segment of the population reports, a website on global branding.

The implications here are profound. We've long known that money talks, and the message we're sending out is don't mess with a Real Cougar Woman with with credit cards.

 In my opinion,our buying power is much sexier than posing naked on a magazine cover.  We don't have to use our sexuality to prove we still have what it takes.  Just last week I was asked why so many women over 40 are posing naked.  Here's what I told the New York Post.

I think it's ridiculous that we still struggle so hard to get the respect we deserve. Let's face it Real Cougars are still considered predatory.  Society is finding it really hard to let go of old stereotypes and accept the fact that we are smart, financially independent, and proud to be over 40.

2010 is The Year Woman Soar Like Never Before.  I know our buying power will be the wind beneath our wings.  No longer will we have to follow -  it's our turn to lead. 


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