Real Cougars Are Redefining Happiness

19119766 What is the cherished gift we spend our entire lives searching for?  The answer is happiness. 

Happiness is often referred to as 'the elusive butterfly' and that's because we're not really sure what it is, where to find it or what it should feel like when we do.  To compensate for not having that special feeling we spend our lives trying to do things that will distract us from the pain we feel.  We work too hard, watch too much television, spend too much money, spend too much time online, drink too much, have sex with with the wrong people and the list goes on. 

So what can you do to catch this 'elusive butterfly'?  Here are a 5 principles that have worked really well for me.  I'm not saying that I have this happiness thing completely figured out but I am making progress.  

  • start looking at every obstacle as hidden opportunity
  • don't compare yourself to anyone else – know what really turns YOU on
  • understand that as you grow the things that make you happy change – don't hold on to the past
  • know that inner happiness can't be taken away – it's your gift to yourself
  • in place of distractions do things that touch your heart

As you look at your life this New Year I hope you will consider following these five principles.  If you do a new kind of happiness will be born – a happiness that no one can take away.

1 thought on “Real Cougars Are Redefining Happiness

  1. You are def right about the distractions thing. I find that I spend much more time on Facebook, etc, when things aren't going well. It wastes so much time and I always regret it afterward. Its just easy to lose myself in it, instead of facing whatever it is that's making me sad or frustrated.
    I have decided lately to address the problem first and reward myself by doing something constructive and satisfying. Now, I feel peace instead of guilt!

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