Real Cougars Are Taming The Aging Demons

A New Year Image As the New Year rapidly approaches it is natural to reflect on what lies ahead.  Yikes, we are all another year older and that's enough to put us into an end-of-the-year funk. It's when we are in reflection mode the aging demons really start to play some pretty nasty games with our heads.  Did you know that the fear of aging is now the #1 fear of women over 40?

Time goes by so quickly.  When you stop to think about how old you are, isn't it shocking?  Doesn't it seem that just yesterday you were 25? 

Real Cougars are always learning new ways to turn back the clock.  We are great at that. We look fabulous, we have a great attitude, we are confident, we are financially independent (or moving in that direction) and we take good care of our bodies.  The thing we aren't so good at is taming the psychological demons.  The gnawing concerns about aging that keep us up at night wondering what the future will bring.

In 2010 my focus will be learning to be happy about my age.  I am setting out to banish all my aging demons.  If we can work together on being proud of our age then 2010 will truly be The Year Women Soar Like Never Before. I hope you will join me as this new adventure unfolds. 

2 thoughts on “Real Cougars Are Taming The Aging Demons

  1. Linda,
    Great Idea I join you on this new adventure – it is so true. I think about it but I am proud to be who I am and be the age I am at 53. I am continually finding ways to better my self emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

  2. I'm right there with you! I turn 65 this coming year and have never been more in charge of myself. It's a great feeling. And I'm looking forward to sharing the new year with friends and family!

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