Real Cougar Names 2010 “The Year Women Real Cougar Women Soar Like Never Before”

As the Year of the Cougar winds down I am naming 2010 "The Year Real Cougar Women Soar Like Never Before".  This is the perfect time to take everything you have worked so hard for and move it to the next level. It's time to stop making excuses and start being the woman who doesn't settle for second best.Linda_Franklin01a

Too often when we don't get what we want we point the finger of blame.  We say, we're being treated unfairly because we're too old, we're overweight, we're in debt, we don't have enough experience.  Is all of that true?  In many cases of course it is.  But that's not enough reason to stop trying.  I know when I want something badly enough I get very creative. If I am denied access through the front door, I will make my entrance through the back.  It takes grit and it takes persistence but everything we want we can have.  Of course believing in yourself is a major factor in making it happen.

In my book Don't Ever Call Me Ma'am, I devoted the largest chapter to explaining my "I CREATE" model.  I call it Your Personal Success Magnet.  I have used it for years and it hasn't failed me yet. Some say I have the ability to make the impossible happen.  

My latest achievement was getting my book into the Barnes & Noble stores.  When I couldn't find anyone to held me do that, I figured a way to do it myself.  Again I back-doored it.  I was a first time author who used a very small boutique publisher and that profile usually doesn't get a book into the large book stores. But mine made it. Now, when I visit the stores to sign my books I am smiling from ear to ear seeing them displayed on the holiday table.

Never doubt what you are capable of doing.  I was the first Canadian woman to own a seat on The New York Stock Exchange and run a Wall Street trading department without ever going to college. I make the impossible possible and you can too.  If not now when?


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