MORE.Com Appreciates Real Cougars

LindaFranklin01a Check out my latest article on   It's entitled Confessions of a Cougar Advocate. So many people ask me how I became a self-appointed spokesperson and cheerleader for cougar women. In the article I explain it.  

It's funny, you never know where you will end up when you start down a new path, but I have been very lucky with what I have chosen to do. Today, I have thousands of women in my community, and helping them figure out their issues helps me figure out mine.  I'd say that's a win/win.

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One thought on “MORE.Com Appreciates Real Cougars

  1. I do not know you but I read your book … " Don't Call Me Ma'am". This Book is a MUST read. For a long time I hated the idea of aging that means I hated myself. Now seeing that aging is nothing to be afraid of and life really does not die after the age of 40 , each day I practice loving me. Thank-you so much for helping me learn what a REAL Cougar can be !!!

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