Cougars Don’t Hate Compliments

    The other day, I met an old friend. We hadn't seen each other in a while.  I thought she looked great so I told her so.  Just a simple compliment meant to make her feel good - but it didn't. In fact, she began a five minute tirade on how bad she looks. Nothing was right – from her hair to the jeans she was wearing.    Compliments

    Why is it that women find it so damned hard to accept a simple compliment?  Could it be that from the youngest age, we're taught not to toot our own horn or to promote ourselves in any way. Or, do we think that by accepting the compliment, we will appear arrogant?  

    Psychologist Susan Quilliam says: 'Most women's knee-jerk reaction to a compliment is to think that the other person is just being nice, or feeling sorry for them. 'The second reaction is: "What do they want?" Most women are suspicious because we find it hard to believe nice things people say to us. It's a self-esteem thing.'   Women are extremely critical, especially when it comes to their bodies. We keep waiting for the day we're a perfect ten  -  only then will they be worthy of compliments.

    Well let's face very few of us will ever be a perfect ten, so let's get over it.  Start to appreciate any compliment we get.  The next time someone tells you how pretty you look or that they love your dress just say thank you or I"m so glad you like it. There, that's not so hard is it?


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