Cougar Woman Emerges on Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and sisters On ABC's Brothers and Sisters, Nora Walker has won the attention of a younger man.  She did not set out to do this, it simply happened – just like in real life.  It was great to see  the insecurities behind such a pairing – just like in real life.  Nora is not at all like the women in Cougar Town and Real Housewives who are out prowling for young guys as if they are on a do or die mission.

I loved to see that Nora was truly surprised and a little embarrassed by the attention she was getting  - just like in real life.  After all she's in her 60's which would justify her hesitation.  But honestly, isn't it nice to see she didn't have to squeeze into a pair of  skinny jeans to attract a man.

Nora's wasn't comfortable about letting her friends and family meet her younger guy. Even though her guy Simon is 47, successful, worldly and very handsome it still caused a lot of tongues to wag – just like in real life. 
I don't know where this particular storyline is going, but I do hope it continues to unfold.  It would be refreshing for people to see how a Real Cougar Woman handles herself.

In case you missed it you can catch this episode on the Brothers and Sisters website.


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