Cougars Are Kicking The Double Standard In The Butt

Age appropriate Real Cougar women everywhere think it's time to bring down the outdated double standard.  We are ready to put on our pointy toed stilettos and give it a quick kick in the butt. And why wouldn't we?  This unfair imbalance that puts men in the driver seat has been around far too long. And, women all over the world are feeling too much like second class citizens.

The double standard is very evident in the workplace.  Women are   earning only 78 cents for every dollar a man makes.  Is that fair?  We do the same jobs, produce the same results, have the same tenure, but our paychecks are falling short. 

A man who is aggressive is considered smart.  A woman who is aggressive is considered a bitch.  Society expects guys to be aggressive, but is repelled by women who invest the same effort in securing what they want. 

And, the inequality doesn't end in the workplace, it rears it's ugly head in our relationships too. Real Cougars know this only too well. If an older man chooses to be with a younger woman he gets the high-five from his buddies and it becomes a badge of honor.  On the other hand, if an older woman is in a relationship with a younger man, she is thought of as a desperate predator and is ridiculed by other females. How ridiculous is that?

Here's the bottom line.  We have a lot more work to do and we want to do it our way.  In the past women have tried to gain equal status by thinking, acting and dressing like a man. Now it's time to tap into our rich reservoir of  feminine power and bring a new awareness to how resourceful, how intelligent and how effective we really are.  

That's what The Real Cougar Woman is all about. We are all working to swing the pendulum back to center doing it our way.


One thought on “Cougars Are Kicking The Double Standard In The Butt

  1. "On the other hand,if an older woman is in a relationship with a younger man, she is thought of as a desperate predator and is ridiculed by other females". "How ridiculous is that?” This article excites me NOT because women want to be “equal to men”. By the way if we strive to be extremely equal we also die early like them.

    I like this article because it is simply points out the struggle women have just to be OURSELVES. Women ARE NOT equal to men physically or psychologically. To be ourselves is to be empowered to work in careers that will pay us exactly what we are worth. To be able to express ourselves sexually as we choose so long as we consider SAFE sex. To be ourselves is to choose who is most compatible for us instead of being FORCED to select men who are not an asset for us because they simply are our same age or older. To be OURSELVES is to have a choice to NOT live alone sexless or loveless. To be OURSEVLES is for women to stop putting down each other because we may make choices different than the majority. To be ourselves is to put away the jealousy and fears we carry towards other women. This article points out women are women worst enemy NOT men. To be ourselves is simple to fight for the right to have CHOICE nothing more.

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