Real Cougars Make Their Spiritual Reservoir A #1 Priority

The world as we have experienced it up to now is changing very changing very rapidly. Climate changes, Group_of_women economic changes, technology, health scares – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The energy on this planet is ramping up and all of us in some way are feeling the effects of this acceleration. Many are scared because they feel they are losing control.  But, Real Cougars, know they are well equipped to handle whatever life has in store for them.  Builiding a strong spiritual reservoir has become their #1 priority.

We are entering a new paradigm and those who are not prepared will feel the effects much more severely than those of us who are.  If you choose to ignore this shift you continue to wonder why all the good stuff happens to other people and not you.  Real Cougars know change is opportunity knocking!

So, the challenge as I see it, is how do you plug into your untapped energy source?  It's something we all have but too few understand how to use it.  This will illustrate what most people do. They 

tune their radio dial to l08.6 when they really want to hear what's playing on 101.1. When they don't get what they want, they wonder why. If you want a specific result you need to make sure you are tuned in to the right station.  And, the right station is feeling good.


I will be writing a lot more about this because it's so important for all of us. Feeling good is the strong foundation we need to support everything else going on in our lives.  I will share what I am doing to ramp up my energy because my efforts are being rewarded in ways I could have never imagined.    


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