Cougars – What Do They Really Want?

What cougars really want is not an easy question to answer.  There are many varieties of this fabulous Boomer couple tuxedo & gown female and each one has her own ideas of what makes her happy.  But, there is one thing we can all agree on, the qualities we are looking for in our men.

I don’t have to tell you falling in love is easy but keeping that love sizzling is a lot more difficult. We cougars like to do things our way and the truth is it’s hard for some men to keep up with us. Sure, we are over 40 and some of us over 50, but we keep our bodies and minds in tip-top shape. We are pulling our dreams out of the closet and doing whatever it takes to make them come true.  

As we get older and wiser we want different things from our men.  In our 20's tall, dark and handsome was enough – not anymore. To find out what tops our priority list these days just go to the website and read my latest article.   I polled the thousands of women in The Real Cougar Woman Club, my online community, to get the answers.  These Real Cougars always tell it like it is and this time was no exception.   What they revealed just might surprise you.


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