Cougar Town – Television At Its Worst

Heather Havrilesky at wrote a fabulous article on how women over 40 are portrayed on television.  It's entitled "High-Flying 40-Year Olds?  Get Out of Cougar Town. Here's the first paragraph of Heather's article.Cougar-Town-Poster-

If aliens learned about our culture by watching our newest television shows, they might assume that planet Earth was terrorized by predatory middle-aged women with hairless, bony bodies and the same blank expression on their overly Botoxed faces, a look of creepy awe at the joys of 20-something tenderloin.

Heather goes on to say, "ultimately, the subject matter isn't the problem. In one memorable scene from the first season of "The New Adventures of Old Christine," a far more enjoyable look at the perils of middle-aged divorcees on the rebound, Christine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) waves off Brazilian waxes, saying, "I did that once, and it was like a hair arrow pointing to my C-section scar."

Don't we want a joke we can laugh at without feeling dirty inside?  Louis-Dreyfus on "Old Christine" Tina Fey's Liz Lemon of "30 Rock," Holly Hunter on "Saving Grace" — there are plenty of fantastic late-30-something and 40-something female characters on TV who greet the perils of middle age with self-deprecating humor.

Heather wonders, and so do I, why audiences rally around the one show that makes turning 40 look like a life sentence at a sadistic day spa/asylum/penitentiary for the self-obsessed? 

Here's where you can go to read Heather's article.  You will enjoy it she's a great writer.  


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