Cougar – The “C” Word That’s Crippling Potent Women

Age appropriate Carolyn Hagood over at wrote a very interesting article on witches.  She is tired of people using the "W" word to cripple potent women.  I am tired of people using the "C" word (cougar) to cripple potent women.

Carolyn says, "For centuries, societies have resolved their psychosocial dilemmas through the sacrificial female. Historically, the women accused of witchcraft have been singled out as a result of their powerful or nonconformist natures. They are usually figures, such as healers and spiritual or sociopolitical leaders, on whom the community is deeply dependent.  The sacrifice of the witch serves the dual purpose of eliminating women who threaten carefully regulated, patriarchal societies, and symbolically exorcizing those societies of their psychic demons."

Today cougars hold the same threat to society as yes, the witches.  We are  strong, powerful, independent women who are shaking things up.  The difference is these days women are even more threatened by their alpha sisters than their male counterparts. We are so ready to judge and poke fun at those of us who doing things differently.  Those of us who are pushing out walls and crashing through glass ceilings.  Isn't that the only way new trails are blazed for future generations?     

Women over 40 are powerful.  Our voices are being heard –  but we need a unified voice.  Isn't it time for all of us  come together for a common goal?  To exoricize society of their psychic demons about powerful women.  


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