True Love With a $25,000 Price Tag

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A couple of days ago I put this question up on my FaceBook page. Would you pay $25,000 to find the love of your life?   I had just read about a matchmaker in New York City who charges that much money.  So I wondered how many would be willing to part with their hard-earned bucks in the pursuit of happiness. I got a lot of very interesting responses.

Samantha Daniels, matchmaker extraordinaire refers to her service as an exclusive, discreet and high-end matchmaking for the ultra-successful, ultra-busy, ultra-cultured and the ultra-educated. According to Daniels her track record is excellent.  Over 100 marriages and 1000's of significant relationships later she calls herself the best in the business.    

Okay having said that, back to my FaceBook responses. Most of the women said "thanks but no thanks."  They were willing to take their chances and find true love on their own.  But, there were a few who said they would really consider signing up by the price was too high.

Here's what one of the guys had to say:  "Send me $25,000 and I will GUARANTEE that you meet all the men you want!!!".  He went on to say, "You could travel overseas, review hundreds of potential mates and ship two or three of them back for a trial run for that kind of money".  Typical guy response.  

So what do you say?   How much would you be willing spend to find true love?  


3 thoughts on “True Love With a $25,000 Price Tag

  1. Throw in a money back guarantee and we can talk!! Let's see, he will be successful, intelligent, charming, loving and kind, where do I sign up??

  2. Are there really that many people out there that can afford that kind of money. There is no guarantee that as they say you will live happily ever after.Do we all really have a soul mate out there? If so, as independent, educated, sophisticated cougars are we not able to take the challenge ourselves and locate our True Loves……….

  3. I have met with Samantha, as i thought i may be interested in her services – this was years ago, and the price was not nearly as high. That said, i believe she generally focuses on male clients and rather adds women to her potential list of women who may meet their criteria. Not very helpful if a Cougar was interested in her service. No judgement, just my experience.

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