Cougar Town Debate Starts Tonight


Okay, all you Real Cougars out there it's time to have your say about "Cougar Town".  Tell us what you really think and don't hold back.  There has been a tremendous amount of hype about this new ABC show and tonight Wednesday, September 23rd at 9:30 EDT it will be making its debut. 

All of us strong, sexy, independent women over 40 have a very strong voice so let's use it. Are we being portrayed accurately or are we made to look like sex-starved cartoon characters for the sake of ratings?  If we don't like the media's portrayal of who we are then let's stand up and be counted.  

This is all you have to do.  After you watch the show click here and answer my simple 5 question survey.  Please use this opportunity to have your voice heard - it's important.  You set them straight on what it means to be a Real Cougar.

I will be sending a complete summary of your responses to various media outlets.  They are waiting to hear what you have to say.  Who knows you may get a chance to set them straight on national TV.


One thought on “Cougar Town Debate Starts Tonight

  1. I am 34 year cub…I love this program..But it should not be based on only sexual programs…there are cubs and cougars who want real relationship…I want a relationship with a cougar…so it will be better if you show romace, love and all in the program than just showing making out and sex.

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