Cougars are loving Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am!

Writing a book and then getting it out into the world is a huge accomplishment, at least it was for me.  It took me nine months from the time I started until the time it was published.   Bookcoverfront172x248 

My birth sign is Virgo, so needless to say I like everything pretty much perfect. When it was time to let go of my manuscript it was very difficult.  As a new author I wanted everyone who picked up a copy of my book to love it. Of course, that's not possible but it's your baby and so it's a natural reaction.

I am proud to say Don't Ever Call Me Ma'am! is getting some good reviews from the women it was written for.  I got this email yesterday that I want to share with you.  It made me so happy because Roberta's reaction was exactly what I had hoped for.  This book was written to empower women.  It's filled with great tips on everything beauty, finance, cougar relationships, sex, health and much more.  It is also filled with some inspiring stories from some very special Real Cougars.

My book has an underlying theme – it's never too late and all things are possible.  Here's what Roberta had to say:

"Oh my gosh – I received my copy of your new book last evening when I returned home from a very LONG day.  I didn't have a chance to open it then, but while I was having my breakfast this morning, I read the Dedication, Forward, and Introduction and am blown away. It is fabulous.  I don't want to put it down. Just reading those pages have given my so much "mental energy" that I feel like I can do anything today. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift you have given all of us Real Cougars."

Thanks, Roberta, you made my day. For more information on Don't Ever Call Me Ma'am! please click  here.

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