Cougars Launching Their Own Businesses

Talk to any cougar who has a successful business and they will tell you the key is doing what you love to do.  Another important ingredient however, is finding a need that is screaming to be filled. That dynamite combination is a sure fire winner for making your business a monetary success.

Women today  are taking the Business women working together business world by storm. According to, women-owned firms are the fastest growing in the country. I am always inspired when I hear stories of women who with a single idea went on to create an empire. Sarah Blakely, the creator of Spanx, is a great example of that. Imagine starting a business with just a pair of pantyhouse that she felt would serve a better purpose with no feet.


If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur but are having trouble hatching a brilliant idea you might want to ask yourself these questions:-

  • what do i do best?
  • what do other people come to me for?
  • what have I always dreamed of doing?
  • how will achieving my dreams affect other people?
  • will I always have regrets if I don't try?

Remember Real Cougars can do anything they set their mind to. The word can't isn't in our vocabulary. 

My best advice is to find the right coaches to help you. I've had several and I never could have done it without their expert advice.  From my own trial and error I can give you some valuable tips on how to choose. If you're interesting just tell me and I will post them.

2 thoughts on “Cougars Launching Their Own Businesses

  1. Please do! I just found this site and while my love life is on hold for awhile, I am full speed ahead in other areas – hopefully that is all part of today's cougar. Next week I am signing my divorce papers on the same day that my contract position ends…most people think I should be depressed, but it's so deliciously exciting I can barely stand it! I've got a business idea, and many of the puzzle pieces are already in place. I'd love your insight on finding mentors/coaches/encouragers! Thanks

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