Real Cougar’s Love This Birthday Ritual

Today is my birthday.  Every year on my special day I look forward to performing my special birthday ritual.  Here's what I do.

First, as soon as I wake up, I light several candles and spend some quiet time reflecting on the year just passed.  Then I change focus and decide what I want most in the year that lies before me. I write down everything that pops into my head (and by this time I am usually in tears) and complete my ritual by setting my wish list on fire.  Watching it go up in flames is my way of releasing my wishes into the universal energy. Birthday-049_edited  

Reflecting back over the 25 years that I have been practicing this birthday ritual, it surprises me how many of my wishes have actually come true. But, what really surprises me the most, is how the things I have asked for have changed.

When I first started, my wish list was heavily weighted on my career and making money.  Now it's all about creating happiness, understanding and sharing love, appreciation, and forgiveness. As you get older, and hopefully wiser, those things become so much more important to you.

Each year life keeps teaching me new lessons and I've come to this conclusion.  If you choose to live each day being true to yourself, at the deepest level, you can't help find what you are searching for.  You will find happiness.  And, take it from me, when you are happy you can create any darned thing your heart desires.                        

“A smile is a window on your face to show your heart is at home.”


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