Highly Motivated Cougars Have Higher Sex Drives

Board room Cougars, here's a question for you. Is a successful and driven career woman more likely to have a higher sex drive than her lesser-achieving sisters?

Apparently they do.  New research published this week showed that women with high levels of testosterone are more likely to be risk-takers – and have stronger sexual appetites.

If you are a woman working in a competitive environment, like banking or business, you may well become more assertive, competitive and aggressive, which will cause your testosterone levels to rise. But, the question becomes - did you go into banking because you had high testosterone levels, or did you develop high testosterone levels because you went into banking? The sexperts are still trying to figure that one out.

The root of our sexual desire is still pretty much a mystery. Does it start in our bodies or in our brains? A landmark research project by Dr Rosemary Basson from the University of British Columbia found that while men feel desire and so want to have sex, many women have sex as a way to kick-start desire.

Research into female sexuality is still controversial, contradictory and incomplete. The researchers may not agree with each other, but they do agree that understanding female desire may turn out to be as tough as understanding women. 

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