Cougars Confused About Friends With Benefits

Cougars are talking more these days about friends with benefits. For those of you who may not be familiar with this term a friend with

benefits or “benie” is a mutual practical arrangement for satisfying each other’s sexual needs without the usual expectations of love, romance, or in most cases, monogamy. The thing about these arrangements is they don’t always have equal benefits for both parties involved.Cheaters

Not all, but most women likely will confuse sex with love, even when they say they just want sex.

Whether you admit it or not, if you are a woman you will get sucked into an emotional attachment.  It’s hard for any woman to keep her heart under wraps when she is putting herself in such a vulnerable position (pardon the pun). Even the hard-heartedhannahs do get their hearts broken.

It all boils down to asking yourself these two questions:

1. Am I strong enough to suffer the emotional ups and down of this non-commited relationship?

2. Is this FWB relationship okay because it’s fun and just a rest stop on the way to a something more fulfilling?

Think about it and even if the answer is yes to both questions, are you sure you are ready to dive in?

The success of these relationships depends completely on the two people involved and the ground rules they establish. For some it may be just what the doctor ordered, while for others just another bump on an already hazardous emotional roller-coaster ride.


One thought on “Cougars Confused About Friends With Benefits

  1. Real cougars are NOT confused about the FWB relationship – at least not my definition of Cougar. I am a confidant woman over 40 who has no time for romantic entanglements. I like men in their 20s cause they try very hard not to screw up and get invited back. Men in their 30s are too arrogant or complex to just have fun, and men 40+ often have baggage or performance issues. But I find that it's the men who get attached when women aren't available. My favorite lover recently is 27, hot, sweet, and so easy-going. We have a blast giving each other sex and affection. No confusion!

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