Cougars and Binge Drinking

When it comes to binge drinking, it turns out young adults aren’t the only offenders. Many women ages 50 to 64 are also guilty of going beyond the occasional after-dinner drink. Binge drinking

Duke University researchers surveyed 11,000 men and women and found that nine percent of women and 22 percent of men in this age group have engaged in binge drinking  — meaning they throw down five or more drinks in one sitting. 

Binge drinking puts you in danger of harming yourself and other people. We hear it on the news all the time. Just yesterday I was told about a woman who went out with her friends, had one too many drinks, got into her car and smashed it into a tree.  She didn't make it. 

I'm not passing judgment on those who binge because I admit on occasion I drink too much. Last Thursday I went out for dinner with a female friend.  We ordered a half bottle of red wine which was one glass for each of us.  Now, that would have been fine, but it didn't stop there. Our waiter, a good looking Italian guy who I suppose was taken with our seasoned womanhood, started to fill our empty glasses with wine we hadn't ordered.  That was followed by complimentary champagne.  We were having such a good time that I lost track of just how much I was drinking. When it was time to leave I wasn't feeling very steady of my feet so I got into a cab, came home and fell into bed.  The next day, I felt like I had done ten rounds with Mike Tyson and vowed I would never drink that much ever again.

How many of you have made that same vow?  I am a 2 glass of wine girl and anything over that makes me feel terrible the next morning.  But sometimes I do it anyway.  I consider myself a social drinker and many weeks I don't have even one drink.  However, I am wondering if I am a binge drinker and don't even know it.

We all know that drinking too much alcohol is very dangerous. The fact that it's legal makes it even more dangerous. And, if you are using it on a regular basis to make yourself feel better, then I suppose you would call alcohol an addiction.

Binge drinking is not something women talk about.  But, don't you think it's time to come out of the closet, and start the discussion?  Let's not use alcohol to feel better. Let's support each other and make  the effort to find answers for the problems  we fear the most.


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