Jenny Sanford Must Be Smoking Funny Stuff

South Carolina's first lady Jenny Sanford was interviewed for the September issue of Vogue.  She talks about her estranged husband's affair with his Argentine hottie and believes he has an addiction that got out of control.

Here are some classic quotes from Mrs. Sanford's interview:Jenny_sanford

"It never occurred to me that he would do something like that. The person I married was centered on a core of morals. The person who did this is not centered on those morals."

"I also feel sorry for the other woman. I am sure she is a fine person. It can't be fun for her, though I do sometimes question her judgment. If she knew the newspaper had those E-mails back in December, why did she want him to come in June? But I can't go there too much. All I can do is pray for her because she made some poor choices."

Mrs. Sanford also revealed that her marriage didn't pack much sizzle but they were good friends.  As for the future, she has been living at the family's oceanfront cottage while hubby remains in the governor's mansion.  She is open to getting back together with her The Gov, although admits that it would be difficult.  "All I can do is forgive", she says. "Now I think it's up to my husband to do the soul-searching to see if he wants to stay married. The ball is in his court."

So, there you have it.  Maybe now you will agree with me when I say that Jenny is smoking funny stuff.  Her husband not only cheats on her but publicly announces his all-consuming love for another woman. How much humiliation does he want to inflict on this poor woman?

Jenny, I feel for you, but you've got it all wrong,  The ball is not in his court – it's in yours. It's your decision whether or not to take him back and if you do then for heavens sake step up to the plate and tell him what you really think and what it will take to save this marriage.  All this sugar-coated forgiveness is just covering up how outraged, how embarrased, how hurt you really are.  Stop making excuses for this loser and demonstrate to your four sons and yourself what a strong, powerful woman you can be.  Don't you think it's time for you to call the shots?


3 thoughts on “Jenny Sanford Must Be Smoking Funny Stuff

  1. My prayers are with Jenny Sanford! Unless you have walked a mile in another man's (woman's) shoes, judge not. She understands hers marriage vows and she has chosen to wait and see what work the Lord is going to do in her marriage. In my case the Lord told me to leave, I had waited many years too long for the answer I wanted to prayer,but it was not the Lord's answer. I was set free to find joy in my life in another direction, one I never expected. A relationship with a man many years younger who shares a life with me that abides by the biblical principle of true love. To Jenny, Listen to your heart, where the Lord will direct you to right choices for you according to His will.

  2. Some women do anything to hold their idea of the traditional family unit together….we see it all the time. Why don't folks like the Sanfords just disappear until the next "bombshell" starts overtaking the media…..the latest with Jon and Kate, perhaps? Work it out off camera, Americans forget / forgive very quickly. We're too lazy to care for too long.
    I only read this because I thought she actually was smoking the funny stuff! The ol' "Bait n Switch".
    I am curious to how you define Cougar. To me, self labeling yourself a cougar seems like a man self labeling himself a "Stud". Cougar is an adjective that should be awarded, not assumed.
    Just a small thought from a small thinker.

  3. I agree. The ball is in Jenny's court and as with any woman whose man has so totally humiliated her publicly, she needs to take her dignity and run. If she doesn't respect herself to claim it back, can she really believe he ever would! Once a cheater always a cheater.

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