Breast Cancer and Our Hormones

A new study has gone a long way in explaining why women get breast cancer and how they can prevent the disease and its recurrence. Scientists have found evidence that hormonal balance is key in determining whether or not a malignant growth will occur in a woman's breast. Critical to the outcome is whether receptors in the body for estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are fully functioning.

Thank goodness this research is finally coming to our attention,  With this new information we can do what's necessary to stay healthy as we age.   Breast-cancer-awareness-ribbon

One question arising from this study is why women have low levels of androgen receptors. The answer has yet to be documented, but evidence points to the hormones that activate these receptors. When levels of the sex hormones begin to decline, there is not enough to keep a high level of receptors activated, leading to atrophy of the receptors and rising risk of breast cancer.

This is a groundbreaking for women looking for answers. It points to the conclusion that a full complement of the sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) and their receptors is what keeps away breast cancer. It provides a reason why breast cancer is not seen in teenage girls, a time when all of the hormones are at optimal levels, and it is a powerful vindication of nature's human design. It also serves as a strong warning to pharmaceutical companies telling women they are headed in exactly the wrong direction with their cancer prevention and treatment protocols.

It has been long known that there is a connection between estrogen and breast cancer. Estrogen is what fuels the growth of breast tissue in the developing young woman. But in older women estrogen has been thought to fuel the development of growth gone awry, in the form of breast cancer. The answer of drug companies has been to declare that nature made a big mistake in giving women estrogen. According to them, estrogen is really the enemy of women and must be suppressed with drugs to avoid breast cancer.

This study shows that there is a very good reason why breast cancer does not show up until women reach the age of hormonal imbalance and decline. According to the American Cancer Society, 97 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer are over the age of 40, with 64 being the average age at the time of diagnosis. Age 40 is the time when hormonal decline gets going to the point where it needs a special name, peri-menopause.

By the time a woman reaches age 64, she has completed menopause and is likely to be in a state of severe hormone insufficiency. Since breast tumors can take as long as 20 years to develop to a size detectable on a mammogram, this means tumors are initiated during a woman's mid 40's, showing that tumor growth begins just at the time hormonal decline swings into high gear.

You can read more about this important study by clicking here.


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