Cougars Delight In Being Feminine

24036657 jupiter images - couple on beach Real Cougars know the importance of being feminine.  It comes as no surprise that more and more couples are having problems with their sex lives: or that internet porn is booming.  Men are still biologically programmed to be attracted to women with curves who look and act feminine, not women who act more like their career driven equals.

The emasculation of men is a huge issue and it's only getting bigger.

So, if emasculation is the problem, what's the solution?  Well, actually it's pretty simple. Men's confidence grows when they receive the three As: Appreciation, Acknowledgement and Adoration. Women, on the other hand, crave the three Cs: to be Cherished, Complimented and Communicated with.

To get our relationships back on track, we women must try to rein in our control-freakery and rediscover our femininity, which will (theoretically) reawaken our partner's dormant masculinity. We must praise our partners, thank them for taking us out to dinner and generally massage their tattered egos.

This might seem to be a bitter pill to swallow for those of us who have spent our working lives striving for parity. But it's not about 'surrendering' to your partner. It's about having a clear, shared idea of what your roles are.  Of being a little more yielding and trying to use your softer skills to re-establish a partnership. It's about  asking ' your partner to do things, not telling him, or reproaching him when he hasn't done them as fast as you would like.

If you find yourself horrified at the prospect of letting your partner off the hook so easily, just calm down.  Women who are showing their softer side claim that a subtle shift in wording – and mindset – can have a tremendously positive effect on the relationship.

Ask yourself this:  would you rather be happy, satisifed and adored or be right?


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