Cougar – Is It A Sexist Word?

"Throughout the past year or so, using the term 'cougar' to describe older women who date or pick up much younger men has become so commonplace that it makes me sick to my stomach." Those are not my words, they come from National Ledger columnist Daryl Deino.Group of womens

Daryl says, "I  am definitely not a left-wing male feminist, but can easily see the double standards that the “cougar” craze perpetuates. Men have been dating much younger women for centuries. As a matter of fact, it is still considered cool for an older man to leave his older wife for a much younger woman.

Here's something else that Daryl says that I agree with.  "This double standard is often perpetuated by a mainstream media that is extremely liberal. In fact, many of the mainstream writers who perpetuate the cougar double standard are women themselves."

At the end of his article Daryl asks why today's so-called 'feminists' aren't  speaking out more about this issue?  I wrote back saying I am not a feminist, so-called or otherwise, but I have a community of women who are smart, sexy, independent and proud to be over 40.  Together we have a strong voice that is being heard.  This movement stands behind the empowerment and support of any women who is ready to live life on her terms. 

A Real Cougar loves men, but refuses to be defined by them.

To read Daryl's article click here.


4 thoughts on “Cougar – Is It A Sexist Word?

  1. Being an animal activist, I personally do not find Cougar offensive. I enjoy it actually. I find the animal sensual, smart and a survivalist in many different situations. To me it's gorgeous and I surely don't mind sharing it's name. Now it might be different if the term were sloth, bushbaby or anteater. Though I could live with Sugar Glider 🙂 To each her own I guess.

  2. "I have a community of women who are smart, sexy, independent and proud to be over 40. Together we have a strong voice that is being heard."
    Really??? Isnt' this a little too much depth for the term? I would bet large stacks of cash that the average man who uses the term would define an actual "Cougar" as a "hot older chick".
    Sorry, we're pigs.

  3. i have observed that when an older man has a relationship with a much younger woman, my working class husband is very disapproving, citing the older man's assumed lecherous motivation…yet he doesn't carry the same disapproval for an older woman with a much younger man…verily, he is fifteen years younger than I. that is, he doesn't have the same disapproval for an "older woman" who may have "lecherous" motives…well, his prejudice is simply a reflection i think of how far society has not come, that is, the tendency to define women by the men they hang out with, in the case of the much younger woman with the older guy, well, it's still looking at it in terms of her relationship to him. for myself, i think there should be equality, either older/younger intimate relationships are ok, regardless, or they are not ok.

  4. I think men who date young women are not held up to high esteem either. They are called "dirty old men", "creeps" or just plain old "trolls". So I don't think there are double standards.

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