Cougars Want A More Manly Man

Man watching tv Take a long hard look at the man in your life. Yes him, the one lounging on the sofa, half-comatose in front of the TV set.. Do you ever find yourself wishing he had a little more get-up-and-go, showed a bit more testosterone-fueled drive, was – dare I say it – a touch more, you know, manly?

If so maybe we are to blame.  So many of us Real Cougars are so focused, decisive and assertive, that the only role left for our husbands is one where they comply and let us take charge – traditionally feminine traits. But the irony is, we don't actually want men like that, and we end up eventually resenting them for not being more dominant and fearless.

Where once men's clearly defined role was simply to hunt and gather, they are now faced with women who do exactly the same in their careers, and who, once they get back from the office, demand total equality at home. It's by no means an unreasonable expectation – but it is an unwise one.

And as for a thrilling sex life, forget it. He probably has a headache – again.  Research reveals that there is a 40 per cent increase in married men who are perfectly capable of having sex, but no longer want to. The mooted reason for this amazing loss of libido among men between 30 and 50? Changing roles for men and women in the workplace and the bedroom.

Women are better multi-tuskers and so we end up labelling our men lazy, because they have to be told what to do and nagged into doing it, but the truth is, we have pushed them to the point where they are afraid to take the initiative, because they feel they can never get anything right. They tell us that but we choose not to listen.

The bottom line is this:  if you want your man to act more like a man, act more like a woman. 


One thought on “Cougars Want A More Manly Man

  1. Hi Linda,
    I loved reading this on men and their manlyness. I agree 100%. I have always felt this way about, as I call them "Wimps".
    I think most women feel this way and just never express it. It is a turn off to me to see a man in a yes dear situation. Come on ladies admit it, do you want your man in a honey dew lifestyle. It can really get boring after a while.

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