Julia Child – One of The Original Real Cougars

Julia Child is truly an inspirtation for all women, especially those of us over 40.Julia child

Julia has been referred to as one of America's First Ladies. The 20th century can count three such ladies, all of whom were cheerfully generous in the spotlight and each coming into her own in middle age.  These women were never seen as young but each gave existential comfort by her very presence. The first was Emily Post, the second was Eleanor Roosevelt, and finally Julia Child who burst onto the scene at age 50.

 In a video Julia made for the Smithsonian, in 2001, she had this to say about her love affair with her husband Paul. "If we could just have the kitchen and our bedroom that would be all we’d need.” 

The inheritance Julia received when her mother died not only meant that the couple had extra cash to sample French restaurants but also made possible Julia’s leap: enrollment in the Paris cooking school Le Cordon Bleu. There, she worked with a passion she’d never known before. “I was beginning to feel la cuisine bourgeoise in my hands, my stomach, my soul.”

Though she called Paul a “Cordon Bleu widower,” he wasn’t really. “I would go to school in the morning,” she once said in an interview, “then for lunch time, I would go home and make love to my husband.”

Julia certainly was a pioneer for all of us Real Cougars.  What a great example for all of us to follow.  She was a women who didn't allow age to slow her down.

If you would like to read more about Julia, take a look at this Vanity Fair article.


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