Cougars And Jealousy in the Workplace

Business women working together Women seem to agree that it's more challenging working for another woman than for a man.  One of the top 5 reasons for that is jealousy.  It's reported that women sabotage their female competition when they feel threatened.  I know we have all have our own ideas on this topic, but the women I have talked to feel  it's better for your career to work for a man.   

Because I spent over 20 years working on Wall Street, I worked exclusively with men, and frankly, I loved it. Sure, with men you have to set boundaries, but if you can do that successfully, the benefits can be very rewarding. As the woman, you are the only apple in the entire barrel of oranges. In other words, you get noticed. But isn't that what you want?  The only way to get ahead is to have your accomplishments recognized.

Yes, I do believe women have to work harder to succeed in business, but, the road to success is far less treacherous if you don't have another jealous female tossing grenades along the way.

Women bosses complained that female assistants and secretaries often believed that there's more status in working for a man, and that they hold their female bosses in less esteem. Another common complaint was that misunderstandings often come about when, after a woman boss makes her assistant's working conditions pleasant, the assistant confuses their relationship with one between "girlfriends".

As one woman boss explained: "I work for a large public relations department and have two secretaries. I have to keep on top of them all the time. I even have to scream at them sometimes, because they just don't hop to it like they would if I were a man." 

Feminism advanced the cause of millions of women, many still think that deep down, it's necessary – and advantageous – to be 'unsisterly' and trample all over their female colleagues in the scramble to get ahead at work.

My hope is that more women will become secure enough to support other women. We've come a long way, but we still have a lot of catching up to do.  Don't forget men have been in leadership roles a lot longer than we have, so maybe they can teach us how to inspire loyalty and support.


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