London’s Favorite Cougar – Fabulous At 50

Amanda Redman, a British actress, is laughing at the heady news that she wasAmanda redman recently voted Most Desirable Older Woman by readers of a U.K. magazine. "Oh gawd," she guffaws, "is that a good thing?" Until now, it seems her considerable charms have mostly been noticed by men at the younger end of the age spectrum.   Amanda fancies herself a "cougar". 

Amanda says. "The funny thing is that the men that I have found to be the most caring, the most sensitive and the most nurturing have often been younger".   As she faces her 50th birthday next month, she is not planning one of those "ghastly, middle-aged fancy-dress dos", with guests attempting to revisit their youths by dressing like Abba. Instead, she's opting for a romantic weekend in a European city with her long-term partner, Damian Schnabel 38.

"Who cares, in the end, how old someone's partner is? Yes, I've dated younger men, but I've also dated older men, and to me the age thing is not important. It's about a meeting of minds rather than a meeting of birth certificates."  (That's exactly what I tell all of my Real Cougars).

"It's also deeply insulting to women of my age to say, 'Who the hell do you think you are to imagine some young bloke will find you attractive? A woman of your age should stay in your box.'"

Here's what Damian has to say about cougars. " I don't know any red-blooded man of my age who wouldn't do anything to go out with a fabulous cougar."

Amanda – 50 and fabulous.  Happy Birthday.


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