Youthful Skin Over 40 – Dream or Reality?

The dream of retaining youthful skin over 40 became more of a reality yesterday when scientists announced  they had identified the key genes involved in aging skin.

Using data generated by the human genome project – the international effort to decode human DNA – researchers have found 1,500 separate genes that govern how long people stay free from wrinkles. Aging skin

Despite decades of research and billions of dollars of funding, the cosmetics industry has struggled to develop creams and lotions that reverse aging.  The best that most of the expensive anti-aging creams can do is smooth over wrinkles or plump up the skin.

Skin ages in eight separate ways, each one controlled by its own group of genes.  Whether you grow old gracefully depends partly on your lifestyle and partly on these genes.

The research team came to the conclusion that one of the most important factors is hydration – the way that skin collects and retains its moisture. As skin gets older, the genes that control this process become less active and skin can retain less moisture, leading to wrinkles.

Other aging pathways involve the breakdown of collagen and the damaging effects of free radicals. 

By narrowing down the DNA involved with aging skin,researchers hope to create drugs and creams which can stimulate some genes and suppress others to restore youthful looks.

Good luck!. Every Real Cougar on the planet is waiting for the perfect beauty potion.


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