Cougars Know How To Deal With Change

Real Cougars are constantly knocking down walls and busting through glass ceilings.  Whatever Confused woman they decide to do  – they do it in a big way.  Look at  Hillary Clinton.  She was a hair’s breath away from becoming our next president. Hillary always has a big dream and does whatever it takes to make it come true.  So what are your dreams?  What are you willing to do to see them come true?  Yes, it begins and ends with you.


A huge part of being a  Real Cougar is knowing how to successfully deal with change.  I have thought a lot about this complex process and this is the conclusion I have come to.  There are changes we consciously create like losing weight, or getting a divorce, or changing jobs.  Then there are those upredictable change that come at us when we least expect them.  In both cases the successful outcome  always rests in your hands.  


This is the question you always need to ask yourself.   Am I ready to embrace change even when I’m not sure where it’s going to take me?   Think about your answer carefully because ultimately it will shape your destiny. 


One thought on “Cougars Know How To Deal With Change

  1. After doing everything for others, midlife is a nice time to pause and do things for myself. Just tiny things and tiny shifts lead me to unearth the self I left behind before family and kids.
    My body is changing and so are my thoughts. Everyday, I re-discover myself. Over a lingering breakfast, I realize that I am worth it and that I should go for it. There are ideas that started as whispers but I am gearing up to go for change and not be afraid of my Light.

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