Cougars This Party Is For You

Cougars this party is just for you!  All of you fabulous females throughout the U.S. are invited to America’s first-ever National Single Cougars Convention.

Yes, I can assure you this for real. I made sure of that before I told you about it.  This is going to be a fun-filled weekend in Palo Alto, California, culminating in a contest where Miss Cougar America will be crowned.Beauty contest winner   Many of the young business men living in the Silicon Valley will be attending and they will get to vote on who they think is the loveliest cougar of them all.  The lucky winner goes home with lots of great prizes including a fabulous cruise courtesy of

"Age discrimination is perhaps the most pervasive prejudice in American Society,” says Rich Gosse, Producer of the convention. “Older women, in particular, are victimized by our youth-oriented society. They are regarded as ‘non-sexy’. Supposedly every American male is only attracted to nubile 20 year olds found in the centerfolds of men’s magazines. The truth is that there are millions of American men who find older women attractive, and we will prove it at the National Single Cougars Convention!”

To find out more information about this event please click here.


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