Internet Dating – Searching For Love

Couple talking Internet Dating is finding love online possible?  In July 2006, Ron James’s marriage of 13 years ended, and that same month, he joined JDate, an online matchmaking site for Jewish singles. “I’d fallen off the horse and felt the best strategy was trying to get right back on,” he said.

Mr. James, 48, was a social worker at a nursing home, and he threw himself into JDating as if he were one of his clients in need of intensive case management. He signed up to meet all women ages 30 to 50 who lived within 50 miles of his Westchester apartment, including Manhattan. “I was maximizing my search,” he said. “I’d work at it two to three hours a night.” He described himself in his Web profile as “warm, honest and authentic,” as striving to exercise his body and mind, and as wanting marriage, “but no game players please.”

In 18 months, he e-mailed 500 to 600 women and dated 40 to 50. On a social worker’s salary, it became expensive: the train to Grand Central Terminal, the dates, a $39.99 monthly JDate fee.

So he used economies of scale. He’d do as many as three dates on a Sunday at three Starbucks within a few blocks of Grand Central. “I was trying to make it affordable, yet retain some sense of integrity,” Mr. James said. “I’d do the first one at 10 or 11, then break for lunch.” He’d eat alone to hold down costs, then go to a second Starbucks for a second date. “I didn’t want to bump into the first woman again,” he said. “I didn’t want anyone feeling bad.”

He followed this routine every other week. “I needed time off for rejuvenation,” he said. “It was pretty stressful.”

To find out if Ron's plan to find love paid off read yesterday's New York Times article. 


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