Mark Sanford Mystery Solved – It’s All About Sex Stupid

The great mystery has been solved and surprise, surprise -  it's all about sex.  Mark Sanford, South Carolina's chief exec. is now back home admitting he's been a very bad boy. After disappearing for five days on an "adventure trip," or so he told his staff, Sanford confessed to having an affair.  No wonder he had such a great tan – he was in Argentina. Is it me or doesn't that seem like an awfully long way to go for a roll in the hay?Gov

At yesterday's press conference he apologized to his wife, Jenny, his four sons, his "parents-in-laws", his staff and the rest of the country.

"As much as I did talk about going to the Appalachian Trail, that  wasn't  where I ended up," he drawled.  No. With his four kids at home and his wife managing his campaigns, Sanford developed a relationship with a "dear, dear friend from Argentina." A married lady he'd known for eight years.

Can you just imagine what would be going on if  Mark was Margaret, a female governor who did the same thing?  With men it's still more accepted.  It's just what men do.  Sanford even turned to God to defend him saying, "God's law is designed "to protect people from themselves . . . It's not a morally rigid list of do's and don'ts just for the heck of do's and don'ts."  Oh pleez!!

Our politicians sure do know how to serve the people don't they.  We had McGreevey who hid the fact he was gay.  Then there was Spitzer and his ladies of the evening and now Stanford who wins a special spot in the Horny Governors Hall of Fame.

Is it totally unrealistic to expect people to honor their rwedding vows?  It sure looks that way.  Maybe marriage isn't everything it's cracked up to be and we have to establish a whole new set of rules.  


One thought on “Mark Sanford Mystery Solved – It’s All About Sex Stupid

  1. What's worse than Sanford fiasco is that once again the American people have a leader who isn't a leader at all. Does a leader not know how to make the simplest of decisions?
    Sitting in the highest seat of his state, he left his state and all things in it without telling anyone to let it run on its own.
    Even when I was in the Air Force as a military operations officer and commander, I was REQUIRED to let my superiors know where I was going and when I'd return, so someone could assume my duties. There was always someone officially at the helm.
    I think we should start demanding more of our so-called leaders. Do we no longer want our leaders to have solid moral and ethical values?

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