Infidelity Increases With Rising Hormone Levels

Apparently, women with higher levels of the sex hormone estradiol, engage in more sexual activity.  This is according to research that was done at The University of Texas at Austin.Cheaters

The researchers measured the participants' hormone levels at two points during each women's ovulatory cycle and then asked them to rate their own physical attractiveness.  The women also answered  survey questions that measured their propensity to cheat on their partner.

It was found that a woman's estradiol level was positively associated with self-perceived physical attractiveness.  And, women with higher levels were also reported a greater likelihood of flirting, kissing and having a serious affair (but not a one night stand) with a new partner.   

The conclusion reached was that highly fertile women are not easily satisfied by their long-term partners and are motivated to seek out more sexually desirable men.

Now I wonder if this latest info gives us a new excuse to make cheating okay?  I suppose if you are looking for a reason you can always find one. 


One thought on “Infidelity Increases With Rising Hormone Levels

  1. I appreciate this article — but to me what it simply states is that BOTH members of the relationship need to keep balance (of hormones). there is absolutely NOTHING better than being in your 40's and 50's with a partner that you love — that you both finally have the time, money — and now energy — to enjoy each other. I am living proof. At 46 years old (and with my cougar gal who is a bit older than me) — we just spent the last week on a cruise with more time IN the cabin than out.
    Strongly suggest that any individual interested in regenerating thier love lifes (and over all health) seek the assistance of a HIGHLY qualified physician such as BodyLogicMD
    I loved it so much — I work for the company!

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