Susan Boyle From Darling To Dragon Lady

Susan Boyle is now being accused of a four-letter outburst after Piers Morgan praised another contestant on Britain’s Got Talent.

The Scottish singer was said to have stunned a room full of hotel guests when she reacted with anger after the judge told Shaheen Jafargholi his had been 'the best singing performance we have heard in the semi-finals so far'.

Boyle is alleged to have reacted to Morgan’s praise for the 12-year-old by sticking two fingers up at a television and shouting 'f*** off', before stomping off to her room.

Apparently her outburst was witnessed by about 150 guests at the Wembley Plaza Hotel, with one claiming: 'Everyone was stunned by her reaction.'  The allegation are being denied.  A spokesperson said, "Susan was in the bar with friends but was getting hassled by a journalist".

Boyle, 48, is the favourite to win the talent competition, having leapt to international fame after her audition performances.

At first, she was everybody's darling. Now, the barbs are starting to fly. Is Susan Boyle a hero or a humiliation? Several singers, including Clay Aiken and Lily Allen have called her "overrated," and said that she's "not that good a singer." So my question is – what's all the fuss about.  What does all the clamor say about us?
We are a culture that usually roots for the "pretty" one. Since when does "plain" get sympathy? It's interesting, isn't it?

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