Passion, Romance, Or Just Friends – What Works Best?

Who is the happiest, couples that are passionate, romantic or those who are just friends?  An article in 24036657 jupiter images - couple on beach Science Digest suggests that "romantic couples fare the best over time".

Their research shows that passionate couples are less likely to be happy in the long haul because they fight a lot more and tend to be "obsessive".  The idea that passionate couples suffer from burnout isn't new.  Over time their firecracker combustion just fizzles out.     

This is why romance wins out. Romantic couples treat one another with tenderness and have sentiment about their history together.  They aren't afraid to demonstrate that they have loving feelings about one another.  They are the ones that do "little things," like leaving a note, a text message, a voicemail to remind their partner they are loved.

Now what about the couples that are "just friends"?  Well, apparently they don't fare so well.  If there was never any chemistry or the chemist went on a permanent vacation, there is not much hope.  No one really understands relationship chemistry.  It's either there, or it isn't.  Sometimes couples that are friends will try living together or even marrying, but one or both will end up dissatisfied.  If there are children, they may just come to terms with the fact that they are friends, nothing more.  However, a sense of longing may just be too overwhelming, and those couples do break up because there is no sexual energy, passion or romantic connection.

What category does your relationship fall in?  And, what kind of relationship do you wish for?


2 thoughts on “Passion, Romance, Or Just Friends – What Works Best?

  1. I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend. We met through work and became friends, neither of us were looking for anything more in our lives at the time we met. We were both in school with very full plates but in the end discovered there was far more than simply friendship between us. We just recently got married but have been together for some time before we married. We are passionate about each other, as well as being each other's confidant and co-conspirator. When other people see us together they often ask how do you make it work with such a large age gap and we just smile and tell them we do. I believe you have to be friends with the person you sleep beside. Trust is a major part of any relationship and we were simply lucky enough to find love with our best friends. I had never believed in soul mates prior to meeting my husband but now I realize that each of us seek out what we desire in ourselves. My husband is loving, committed, and loyal. We are passionate about many of the same things and our differences are what makes each of us unique. There are two sides to every relationship. You don't have to be identical to your partner but you do have compliment each other. And I believe that the secret to a truly happy partnership is to never fore get even when you don't agree that it doesn't mean you aren't on the same page, you just might be reading a little farther ahead or a little farther behind. You should treat your partner the way you want to be treated and expect the same of them. A very wise women gave me a piece of advice once. She told me the secret to a happy marriage is always put your partner ahead of yourself. As women we do that automatically. We are used to putting our families needs before our own. But at times find it difficult to put our own needs first. A great partner will help you remember that you too are important.

  2. We are truly blessed with our marriage of over 10 years with romance on our side we can't go wrong. We always find ways to show each other we are there for one another, we send emails and even text messages to each other daily. We find ways to connect and love everyday and on Friday we always plan a date! It doesn't have to be a weekend away, it can be working in our yard together or building a fire for marshmallows…. always love each other and show your partner how much you care for them.

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