Yoga For Plus Size Bodies Has Arrived

Fat yoga Typically, yoga studios are not havens for plus size bodies.  It's not easy twisting into a pretzel when you're large.  But all that's changing.  

If you've always wanted to try yoga but were ashamed, now there is Buddha Body Yoga, one of many yoga classes for people of size.  Check outMegaYoga at East West Yoga in Manhattan, HeavyWeight Yoga in Austin, Tex., and Yoga for Round Bodies at Whole Life Yoga in Seattle.

Buddha Body Yoga is not for people of all shapes and sizes. “It’s only for big people,” said Michael Hayes, the owner of Buddha Body Yoga.

“I’m not interested in teaching small people,” said Mr. Hayes, 49, who has been teaching the Manhattan class for five years. “There are so many other classes for them.”

Mr. Hayes, who is 5-foot-11 and weighs 250 pounds, said that the concern goes beyond feeling bad because you don’t look like the 22-year-old actress on the next mat.  Yoga classes, even beginner courses, don’t address the needs of big bodies, he said. 

The owner of Whole Life Yoga in Seattle, Tracy Weber, believes that courting people with less-than-Olympian physiques is the future of yoga.  

“My dream is to have my students go into a regular class and just blow people away,” Mr. Hayes said.

For more on Buddha Body Yoga click here


One thought on “Yoga For Plus Size Bodies Has Arrived

  1. I love all the attention this article is getting. It proves that yoga for larger bodies is on the cutting edge. As a yoga teacher of size, I'm pleased to offer my own unique practice, called Big Yoga. Adapted from Swami Satchidananda's Integral Yoga, Big Yoga offers not just asana practice, (the postures) but also meditation, pranayama (yoga breathing) devotion (bhakti yoga) and study of the self (jnana yoga). The original DVD is available online and the new book, Big Yoga: A SImple Guide for Bigger Bodies, will be available soon from Square One Publishers. You don't have to be thin, or YOUNG to enjoy the benefits of yoga!

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