Calendar Girls 10 Years Later

Calendar Girls They took the world by storm and now the Calendar Girls are back. Can you believe that was ten years ago?

The good ladies of the Rylstone Women's Institute spawned a hit movie starring Helen Mirren when they took their clothes back in 1999.

Wearing nothing but pearls and a smile, the Yorkshire lasses of varying vintages, were subtly photographed in traditional WI poses, such as sewing, baking and playing the piano.

Each of the sepia-tinted pictures featured a sunflower – the favourite bloom of the husband of Angela Baker, 63 whose death from non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 1999 inspired the calendar.

This time around, the sunflower remains, but the pictures are in color.

Only six of the original 11 calendar girls have posed for the 2010 offering, after a dispute in the ranks when filming began in 2003.

Over the past decade, the women found themselves travelling the world. Cathy Gilman, chief executive of Leukaemia Research said: 'Never underestimate the value of a small personal idea.

Bravo ladies!


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