Detox – What Is It and Does It Work?

What do you do when you desperately want to change how you feel?  When you want the cough you've had for 12 weeksElle to go away. When you want to wake up feeling less tired than when you went to bed.   Elle UK editor, Lorraine Candy was determined to find the answers.  She says "I work hard and my life is stressful.  Everything happens at lightening speed, and I'm always on fast-forward".  Lorraine is like so many of us Real Cougars who are living similar lifestyles.

Lorraine ended up at London's Hale Clinic.  She began working with Dirk Budka, a micro-biologist specializing in nutrition and immune biology who hates the word detox.

He explains that the amount and growth of bacteria in a person's system influences the way their body works. 'We are more bacteria than human,' he tells Lorraine. He believes if you know your bacterial make-up, you can work out the exact nutrition your system requires to work optimally.

Lorraine went through a battery of tests and then Dirk created an individually tailored program designed to work with her exact body composition.  He told her to be patient explaining that "you can't change the way the body works in less than six weeks.  It takes that long to reboot your system".

Lorraine left the clinic armed with a course of probiotics and other remedies for her reboot. To find out what happened in the next six weeks and her ultimate outcome click here for the complete story.


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