Dolly Parton – A Real Cougar Extraordinaire

Dolly I absolutely adore Dolly Parton.  Defying all known logic,she remains tough and cool even in the musty pages of AARP magazine latest issue. She recently told them “After you reach a certain age, they think you’re over. Well, I will never be over. I’ll be making records if I have to sell them out of the trunk of my car. I’ve done that in my past, and I’d do it again.” Did you hear that, Kanye?

What I love most about Dolly is her energizing spirit.  She said "there wasn't ever a time I thought I wasn't going to make it."  And, even when she did make it, she just kept right on dreaming.  That's something all of us need to be doing. You are never too old to dream.

Dolly's dreaming has always been informed by an abiding faith. Over the years she has fashioned her own personal spirituality like so many of us Real Cougars have.  Danny Nozell, Parton's personal manager says "her faith drives her. She thinks about things, she prays on them, then she makes a decision.  And, the decisions more-often-than-not goes her way."

At 63, this woman can teach all of us a thing or two about living life to the fullest.

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