Lisa Rinna – Back in Playboy

She's back. The former Melrose Place resident and Dancing star Lisa Rinna is once again on the cover of Lisa-rinna-playboy Playboy.  Inside you'll find a nude pictorial described as groundbreaking by her husband Harry Hamlin. 

Original Hamlin says that Rinna — who previously doffed her duds for Playboy's September 1998 issue, while six months pregnant with daughter Delilah — got the idea for an encore after participating in Room 23, a book of provocative photography by Deborah Anderson. In turn, Anderson shot Rinna's new eight-page Playboy pictorial, which pays homage to the 1967 film The Graduate.

"It's an interesting kind of statement that Lisa has made with Playboy, twice now," says Hamlin. "The first time, she was able to convince Hugh Hefner that we ought to celebrate the human body, not only in terms of recreational sex but in terms of procreational sex — and he went for it. Now, she once again has revisited the idea of a celebration of the human body, but at a somewhat more advanced age than you usually see in Playboy. She has really broken some ground."

So, which cover do you like the best?  Pregnant Lisa in purple or 48 year old Lisa in the familiar Mrs. Robinson pose?


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