Separate Bedrooms: A Good Idea?

Bed_room_2 Is your partner's snoring driving you to distraction?  Do you lie in bed with the pillow over your head wondering how one human being can make such horrible noises?  Are you at end of your rope, exhausted and irritable?  Are you wondering what in the world you have to do to get a quiet night's sleep? 

Bed_room_10Snoring is a killer and you my dear need your rest.  That's why separate bedrooms have become very fasionable. In fact, some of the newer homes are being built with two master suites. This arrangement is for sleeping only and it shouldn't interfere with your sex life.  Share the same bed for all the fun stuff and then retire to your own room for a good night's sleep.  

Real Cougars adore sharing our bed with the one we love.  But, when your love makes more noise than a defective buzz saw it's time to take action.

P.S.  I would suggest having your snoring partner checked to make sure he doesn't have sleep apnea.

One thought on “Separate Bedrooms: A Good Idea?

  1. I love the idea of separate bedrooms. As a matter of fact I adore the idea of separate houses with a love nest connecting both sides.
    I always found the idea of marriage similar to that of being back in my parents house.
    Why would I want to simulate something I wanted to get away from?

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