Real Cougars Don’t Wear $575 Jeans

Recession – what recession?  For Donna Karan it's business as usual. In fact, she just Donna Karan Jeans introduced her Collection Jeans that sell for – get this $575 a pair.  Donna are you kidding?  Here's how she answering her critics. "I went into business in the first place in order to create jeans that I couldn't find for myself.  Now I am craving a more decadent sexy and iconic pair of jeans."  This isn't a gag.  Her jeans are starting to hit stores around the country.

Karan insists you get what you pay for.  These jeans are cut on the bias to get the ultimate fit.  Each button and rivet is individually applied by hand.   And, here's the cookie topper – each pair has a gold foil printed inspirational message on the inner pocket.  I ask you, who could possibly survive without that?

I think it's a pretty safe bet that Michelle Obama won't be wearing these Donna Karan specials. Her entire J. Crew outfit costs about the same as one button on a pair of these Collection Jeans.


2 thoughts on “Real Cougars Don’t Wear $575 Jeans

  1. Decadent? Yes . Iconic ,Icon from what "the Fall of the Roman Empire?"
    Inspirational message,WHAT could that possibly be..coming from such a shallow well
    Shoshana Feinstein
    Cougar at Large
    Renaissance Music Center
    Providence ,Rhode Island

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