Real Cougar’s Four Ways to Save Face

I can't remember the last time I had a facial, but from what I have been reading, there are lots of very fancy choices when it comes to cleaning, exfoliating and firming your skin.Cucumber eyes

According to the pros, choosing what we think would be best treatment for our face is not a good idea.  The aesthetician is supposed to do a complete skin analysis before recommending the best procedure for our particular skin type. I wonder how many times that happens?

It's very rare that a dermatologist and facialist agree on the best treatment.  But, here are four procedures they do think are best for maintaining healthy skin.  

EXFOLIATION  will brighten dull skin — often a problem among women older than 40.  Take off some thickness, and skin will appear smoother and brighter.

MICRODERMABRASION blasts away the dead-cell layer with a wand that either blows crystals or has a rough surface that gently abrades the skin.

GLYCOLIC PEELS also take away the outermost layer of dead skin. Make sure retinoids are discontinued four or five days before a peel, The same is true for salicylic peels, which are good for sun damage or acne-prone or aging skin.

EXTRACTION of blackheads unclogs pores, except perhaps for people of color who scar easily.

After writing this blog I think I will make an appointment to Spring clean my face.


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