Real Cougar Radio – ReMarriage

Paulaheadshots-0071-150x150 On Friday's Real Cougar Radio our guest will be Paula Bisacre, publisher of reMarriage Magazine.  While planning her second wedding, Paula realized there was no one place she could go for advice. So,she decided to find a way to help people who, just like her, were planning a second (or third…) wedding, not to mention wrestling with those issues that begin when the nuptials end.

The spark of an idea came with a question Paula had jotted in her journal back in 2002, a particularly perplexing one for a remarrying bride-to-be: “What am I going to wear?” She had pored over bridal magazines, with pages and pages of content, and advertising, aimed at first-time brides. After trudging through bridal store after store searching for the perfect wedding attire, she, who had no interest in wearing a long, white, poufy dress, realized there aren’t a lot of resources out there for remarrying people.

No wedding planner, etiquette book, or well-meaning philosophical conversation with her fiancé, let alone a magazine, had prepared Paula for all the changes that were about to occur with her second marriage.  

Are you planning a second wedding or know someone who is?  Call in and ask Paula your questions. Friday at 11AM EDT on Real Cougar Woman Radio. 


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