Real Cougars – Blame It On Stress

During these tough economic times our stress levels are going through the roof.  We are stressing out about everything and our bodies are suffering.  All that psychological anxiety is turning into physical pain and illness.  That's why everyone you talk to these days is complaining about an ache, a pain, or a flu that won't go away.   Girl_treadmill2

When we are stressed out our adrenal glands pump extra adrenaline, cortisol and other hormones that make our muscles tense up, our digestive tract slow down, our blood vesssels constrict and our hearts beat faster.  Is it any wonder we end up with migraine headaches, clenched jaws, knots in our necks and shoulders and pain in our lower back. How many of these symptoms are you feeling?

Stress also creates biochemical changes that affect our immune system making us prime targests for a host of other problems.  Did you know that stress is killing off our brains cells?  Maybe that's why we are running into so many people lately who have lost their ability to think clearly.

What can we do about reducing our stress levels? Here are some of the ways:

Exercise – it releases endorphins and uses up excess adrenaline & cortisol

Get more sleep – try listening to a guided meditation when you go to bed

Eat healthier – when we are stressed we go right for junk food – don't do it

Focus your thoughts on things that make you feel good - not on things that are stressful

I am using all four of these stress busters and they do work if you use them consistently. Start incorporating them into your daily lifestyle.  Another thing that helps is a really good massage.  It gets rid of the toxic buildup in your body.  These days a massage isn't a luxury it's a necessity.      


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